On-Camera Coaching

Private sessions

One-Hour Private Coaching/Self-Tape

$75 per hour + cost of any space rentals. 

One-Hour Skype Coaching/Consultation

$75 per hour (Sides Provided)


Starter Demo Reel

Various rates starting at $350 (Contact for a quote)

Bookings can be made at ChrisRussellCoaching@gmail.com




In this weekly course, actors will come away with a deeper understanding of the film and television business, all while learning on-camera, audition, and self-taping technique from a working actor and experienced director. 

- Tuesdays (in-person) - 12-3pm

$275 per four classes in-person.

- Self-Tape Gyms (Every Other Monday on Zoom)  6:30-8:30pm. $60 per class. 

- Cold Audition/Script Analysis Gyms (Friday Afternoons on Zoom) 12-2pm. $40 per class. 


Student testimonals

"Thank you for being who you are - a kind, caring, giving person who wants to help others.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us; you went above and beyond.  Thank you for all of your positive reinforcement, your enthusiasm, your sprit and the motivation you gave all of us.  Thank you for a great class!" - Michael Padula, (The Blacklist

" I can’t tell you how grateful and impressed I was with your class. The level of knowledge and preparedness you brought to each and every class was, for lack of a better word, incredible. I have and will try to talk as many people into taking any future classes you teach for sure. I also really appreciate your clear and truthful guidance, and all around thoughtfulness."

-Michael Everett, Aladdin (National Tour)

"Chris is not only a great teacher, giving me very helpful direction, allowing me my time to prep, but most importantly he was always ready to give me confidence whenever I was unsure. Chris is also a wonderful actor, so present and alive and ready to play. I had so much fun doing my camera work, and I learned so much." - Guiditta Lattanzi, (Actress, Musician)

“Working with Chris over the past 4 weeks has helped me evolve as an artist beyond measure. His passion for his craft is motivating enough within itself and he creates an atmosphere that pushes you to work harder and dig deeper in your artistry allowing you to feel confident about the potential of your career. I’d encourage anyone who hopes to work in tv and film to do themselves a favor and take Chris’ class.” - Steven Martinez (Actor)

"In his four-week course, Chris applies pressure and positivity in equal measures accordingly, coaching and pulling each student up towards a higher sense of self, allowing them to focus only on the work, identify their goals, and sprint towards their future careers in Television in Film. Each person leaves his class uplifted and empowered with materials curated their paths and type." Allison Wilkes, The Wedding Singer (The Secret Theatre)

"Chris has coached me on numerous video auditions- each time bringing his expertise to help me quickly identify the flow and development of the scene, ground myself in the character, and ensure that I hit the crucial beats in each take- all while creating an encouraging and non-judgmental environment. His coaching was essential in helping me book the national tour of The Sound of Music!"

- Annie Sherman, The Sound of Music (National Tour)

"It was a huge pleasure working with Chris as my on-camera coach. With his guidance, he helped me find a sense of freedom, flow, and trust. He challenged me to let go, digging wholeheartedly to find my voice." - Chelsea Feltman, (Actress, Opera Singer)

"Chris's easy going and practical approach breaks down the intimidating parts of the industry into manageable pieces and attainable steps. His guidance and experience is invaluable. Also he's super fun. That helps."  -  Melissa Stokoski, (Actress, Comedian.)

"Thank you for guiding myself along with 5 other actors in the crazy world of film acting. Patient, caring, and completely selfless in the process. I'm very proud to call you my colleague, my teacher, and my friend. You have motivated me in such a cool way and I am so grateful to know you." - Steve Riggle, The Way We Get By (Off-Broadway)

"After taking Chris' On Camera 4-week class I felt like I was in a whole new position. With Chris's coaching and amazing tips I was able to book my first on-camera job in over 3 years...DURING A PANDEMIC no less. Chirs is so generous with his knowledge and genuinely wants you to succeed! Don't sleep on his On Camera course and his weekly classes, you take away so much!" - Brooke Chaffee, Actress

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