#ThirtyScenesInThirtyDays: Day Three - LOST: "Walkabout" Ending (S1E4)

I knew I needed to include LOST in here somewhere. Sure, the last couple of seasons were jumbled and random and didn't seem to conclude in a conventionally satisfying way. But the heart of the show -- the journey, the characters, the storytelling -- was truly unforgettable. Getting used to the formula of the episodes in season one, where every week, you were thrown into this gauntlet of one character's flawed backstory and how it ties into what's happening on the island, was like watching one big-old anthology show, and it was like nothing we had ever seen before.

Our introduction of John Locke, oh man... Where to begin? In the first few episodes, he youthfully putters around the island, smiling, orange peels in mouth, taking in rainstorms, assuredly smiling at anyone who will look at him. He mysteriously preaches that this island is magic. That this is destiny. Then we get to his backstory, and he's some schmuck working in an office that manufactures boxes, playing out weird role-playing fantasies with his co-workers. He's Creed from Dunder Mifflin.

The whole flashback cleverly keeps him off his feet. Flash-forward to the end, where he's being denied the chance to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime excursion through the Australian outback. After a heated exchange and a frustrating pound onto the table, the leader of the excursion tells him he can't do it.

We pull back and... he's in a wheelchair?

"What the fuck?"

"Wait... what?"

::Cut back to the plane crash. His toe is moving::

"No! No way! No fucking way!"

::Michael Giacchino's score swells in, Locke slowly stands up::





An actor can only dream of being a part of a moment of this magnitude. Can you imagine being Terry O'Quinn on the night of the live broadcast, knowing that MILLIONS of people just stood up out of their chairs, screaming for him, crying in bewilderment, knowing he brought that to life?!


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