#ThirtyScenesInThirtyDays: Day 11- The Fisher King: Stoop Scene

Robin Williams. Gah. I had such a hard time picking which scene of his I wanted to include in here. Most of you are fully-aware of his classic scenes, so I figured I'd thrown in one that may have slipped through the cracks, like it did for me. I had always known this film existed, but never got around to seeing it till after I got to do this scene in my acting class last year. I cannot believe it took me this long.

If you haven't seen The Fisher King, please do. It's a beautiful, weird, sad, hilarious, heartfelt and sometimes absurd piece of work from director Terry Gilliam (I've got adjectives for days). In this scene, Robin Williams plays a homeless man with a horrific past, on a date with a woman whom he's been watching from afar and is madly in love with.

Williams and Amanda Plummer (Honey-Bunny!) are so fucking connected here it's insane. For real, watch a rom-com with two movie stars and I guarantee you, if you REALLY watch closely, they probably aren't even looking each other in the eye half the time.

Here you see two actors falling the fuck in love with each other right before our eyes. I mean, seriously... watch Robin Williams here. Every breath he takes in-between sentences, the sparkle in his eye... it's the best. Just the best. And Amanda Plummer!!! Oh my God. The pain and vulnerability and how she holds that watery-eye the whole scene. JEEZ. Why don't I see her in anything anymore?!

And don't get me started on the dolly shot into the kiss. Just don't. Okay, you talked me into it. Talk about capturing the perfect energy into the climactic moment of the scene. And how perfectly timed everything falls into place. I love it so much. It's perfect.

Well, that turned into a flat-out gush party.

Anywho, I mentioned before that I got to do this scene for my acting class. It was a pleasure and a joy and I'm so glad I didn't know it was Robin Williams who delivered it first. I really, really, miss him. He was the greatest thing since spice racks.

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