#thirtyscenesinthirtydays: Day 14- Napoleon Dynamite: Ending

Let's shake out the nightmare of Requiem for a Dream and jump back into a little comedy, yes?

This movie. We kinda forgot about it, didn't we? Remember that whole year where no one could stop grunting "GOD" and "IDIOT"? Well, I'll tell ya, I revisited it recently and it holds up. Big time.

What I l love most about this film is that every actor in it is totally in on the joke. There isn't a SINGLE day-player or extra or anyone who doesn't hold that dead-eye, open-mouth, gaze-into-the-camera quality that Napoleon possesses. How director Jared Hess got all these Idaho local-hire high school students get on board and in-sync with such an oddball tone is unreal. I love that there's no swearing, no real risqué stuff (till Uncle Rico goes and makes a weird pass at the girl from the Andre the seal movie, the only unnecessary part of the film for me.) I love that there really isn't a plot. It just... is. And it's wonderful.

And the cinematography ain't quite Wes Anderson, but it gives it the good fight.

I had a really hard time picking which scene I wanted to include in here. If I had to choose one that made me laugh the hardest, I'd go with the 30-Piece Set sequence, where Kip inevitably smashes the bowl by attempting to prove that it could withstand being run over by a giant van (dangit!). Or really every scene Kip is in. Or whenever Napoleon interacts with that fucking llama. Or when the marble-mouth farmer shoots the cow in front of the school bus full of screaming children.

But, because I'm a sucker for endings that include great music (see: Day 2), I have to go with the last moment. The movie is so ridiculous that, once the girl from the Andre the seal movie comes to see him after he brought down the house with his dance moves in the auditorium, you don't see this incredibly sweet ending coming. There's no forgive-me monologue, no climactic kiss. They're just a couple of awkward teenagers, playing tetherball. And he caught her a delicious bass.

And we get to hear "The Promise" by When in Rome as we pull back. Not at all what I expected this movie to close with, but damnit, it works.

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