#thirtyscenesinthirtydays: Day 15- A Christmas Story: Ralph Fights Back

I feel like this movie gets shoved in a box on December 26th and we don't hear from it till TBS gives us a 24-hour dose on Christmas Eve. Gonna open that box on this humid as fuck New York City (okay, Jersey City) summer day.

Before I say anything, after watching this film dozens and dozens of times, I am still blown away by what champ Peter Billingsley is when he takes that snowball to the face. Seriously, it's like they had Nolan Ryan throw it at point-blank and the kid doesn't even flinch. Amazing.

But man oh man, how many of us live vicariously through Ralphie Parker in this scene? I can't tell you how many times I had that moment, that fit of rage and humiliation and shame, and pushed it down... how many times I fantasized about screaming and taking that charge and never did.

What does Ralphie say? Something like "you farting filthing damn nipple..." as his pinned-to-his-jacket gloves sail through the air, crashing down of Skut Farkus' (what a name for a cinema bully) ginger face. The best.

My favorite part of it all is how it flips the norm of the father and son confronting the son's first fight. I love that it creates a bond between him and his mother, and that it becomes their secret.

And she GETS IT.

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