#thirtyscenesinthirtydays: Day 19- Ghostbusters: Hotel/Slimer Scene

I really agonized over which scene I wanted to include in the film that defined my childhood. I came very close to writing about the opening scene in the New York Public Library, then all the scenes were Rick Moranis gets possessed and starts acting like a dog, but I couldn't bring myself to write about any scene that didn't include the guys. You gotta include the guys.

Point is, I could probably write a novel about every scene in the movie. I spent just about every morning of my comeuppance standing 5 inches away from the TV, wearing my Venkman jumpsuit (my brother was Stanz because I was older and got to be Bill Murray) and proton pack, dancing in place because I had to pee really bad but didn't want to miss any of it.

I'm not really planning on doing any scene study right now because I get too nostalgic to be critical.

So for a little stroll down memory lane, let's start with them eating Chinese food with the last of their petty cash, as Ray and Peter crush Budweiser's (the product placement in this film is insane... that's a helluva Twinkie). They get their first call, with Janine screaming "WE GOT ONE" and slamming her hand down on the alarm. We get to see the Ecto 1 roar into action for the first time.

The special effects, for 1984, are pretty fucking amazing. We get to see all the dynamics of the cast — Peter being dry and sarcastic (“he slimed me”), Ray being wide-eyed and optimistic, Egon just being weird and nerdy and introverted. It bugs me that Winston isn't in there. Eddie Murphy dropped out and things happen, but Winston was the soul of the group. I would have loved to have seen what he brought to this whole sequence.

And it's our introduction to Slimer! The "disgusting... blob." The best ghost ever in the franchise. I could go on forever. I love this movie.

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