#thirtyscenesinthirtydays: day 24- Silver Linings Playbook: Tiffany's Monologue

Every time I watch this film, it creeps higher and higher on my list of favorite of all-time. I love the insanity of it, I love how the tone changes at the drop of the hat -- how it goes from a high-energy, then into quiet and wallowing, then abruptly into explosive anger --just like our lead, who suffers from bi-polar disorder.

The performances are incredible. Every actor BRINGS IT. (I hadn't seen De Niro put forth this much effort since the 90's.) And it's not just the principals, it's the smaller roles -- the therapist ("DeShaun Jackson is the man"), the guy from Ray Donovan who plays the ONE police officer in town, or his best friend with the seemingly happy marriage, who listens to heavy metal in his garage and destroys things because his wife has pushed him to the brink of a smile-it's-okay insanity. It's a clinic on the importance of paying attention to the minor characters, giving them color and life in the writing process.

All of these people come to a head in what might be my favorite group scene ever. Amidst all the arguing and yelling about who screwed up the good luck juju, in bursts Jennifer Lawrence.

Maybe it's my love for football and baseball, but hearing her angrily and adamantly rattle off scores (about the Eagles and Phillies, two teams I hate with every bone in my body) to prove De Niro's character dead-wrong is one of my favorite monologues ever (sorry, 25th Hour.) If I were a woman, I would have learned it the day I saw it for auditions (although now that I think about it, it's kinda gender-neutral, right? Guys?)

What made me laugh out loud is when after Lawrence grabs a Budweiser from seemingly nowhere, drops the cap on the floor, takes her last line, then a sip (badass)... De Niro, in vintage De Niro fashion, nods and says "I gotta say, I'm impressed."

Me too, Bob. Me too.

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