#thirtyscenesinthirtydays: Day 28- Breaking Bad: "RUN"

Days 1-27 were in no-particular order, but as I close this out, I wanted to end with the best of the best. So here's the first of my top-3 favorite scenes of all-time.

I'm not going to hold back spoilers here. Breaking Bad ended in 2013. It's always been available on Netflix and if you haven't watched it yet, you're an asshole. You're depriving yourself of the greatest character arc in the history of television.

Of the 60-plus hours of material to choose from, I could have taken dozens of scenes that would have knocked any-one off this list (literally every frame from "Ozymandias" in the final season would have qualified), but I made the rule to only use one scene per show/film, so here we are.

Up until this point in the series, Walter White had done PLENTY to distance himself from the meek, under-achieving high school chemistry teacher that was presented to us in the pilot. But things took an even greater turn in this excruciating... EXCRUCIATING scene where a tweaked-out Jessie is on a suicide mission to take down two gang-bangers in the street. I mean, Jesus, he walks towards them forever. It's maybe twenty seconds in real-time, but it feels like hours.

When I watched this scene, I was convinced this was the end of Jessie Pinkman. That was, of course, untill that awful-green Pontiac Aztec came roaring down the street, obliterating the two pieces of shit. The episode ends with Walt cold-bloodily putting a cap in the surviving one's head, a slow dolly-shot into our "hero", who towers over the frame in the most powerful image, and Bryan Cranston's gravely voice uttering one, simple word... "RUN."


This is the moment where I realized that Heisenberg wasn't Walt's alter-ego, no, no... but the opposite.

I went on a kick where I would find out which of my friends were in the middle of a binge of this show, just so I could plan to be there when they see this scene for the first time. The reaction is always the same: sunken into the couch, dreadfully anticipating Jessie's demise, then an absolute outburst of shock when Walt comes storming in.

DAMNIT, I miss Breaking Bad!!!

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