#thirtyscenesinthirtydays: Day 30- Six Feet Under: Final Montage

So, this... in a show about death and a funeral home, where we watched someone die in the opening moments of every episode, it's only fitting that it ends with, well, everyone dying. (If I've somehow just spoiled a show that's been done for over ten years, please don't panic. It's not what you think...)

The finale comes three episodes after a major character's sudden death. After all the loose ends get tied up, the youngest of the family, Claire, packs up a Toyota Prius (her saying goodbye to the hearse was one of the saddest moments in the series for me) and sets out to start her new life in New York.

She pops in a CD, Sia's "Breathe Me" comes on, and holy fuck, what happens in the next seven minutes will be etched in my memory forever.

No series finale will ever touch this. I'm convinced of it. I've shown this to people who have never seen the show, never knew any of the characters, and wept during this montage. It's that powerful. I won't explain it to death (see what I did there?). Just get invested in the Fisher family. The show itself is amazing, and the ultimate payoff here is like nothing else.

What I love most about it, is how Alan Ball ends things through Claire's eyes. If you don't know, he was inspired to create the show after his sister died in a car accident. In this montage, she's the last one to go... at the age of 102.

And this is every reason why I love telling stories. It's the one place where we are truly limitless. You can create and romance your dream girl, you can slap your childhood bully in the mouth in a crowded restaurant... and you can write the life a loved-one never got to live.

If you have a story to tell, get the fuck out there and tell it. Don't just talk about it, don't tell someone who writes about "this great idea I have." Just find a way to tell it. If it's good, great. If it sucks, take a good, honest look at it, figure out why it sucks, and apply that to the next thing. Just get off your ass and DO IT!!!

I did it! I made it to the end! Thank you for reading. This was a lot of fun to get up and do every day. I hope you enjoyed them!

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