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I'm Releasing a Collection of Essays on Feb 2nd, Here's How You Can Help

Hello Readers,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your support in the year and a half since I started writing my blog. I've shared some painful shit, and the outpouring of love that I've received in return has kept me coming back to the keyboard.

Earlier this month, I set out to reframe my relationship with alcohol. I've been sober curious for a long time. The thought of never drinking again scares the shit out of me, so I never so much as poked the idea with a stick. I recently forced myself to hunker down and do the work. I may go all the way with this. I may not. I'm still in the thick of my journey.

What started out as a daily journal, logging how I feel each morning, has blossomed into a collection of essays examining my past, present, and future when it comes to drinking. It's not a Dry January Diary or Book on Sobriety, but a reflection on how it has my impacted my health, relationships, and career. With all the laughs and cringes and cries along the way.

The final product will be somewhere around 60 pages.

I'm hoping this will be a stepping stone for something larger. I've been writing my heart out for years, with next to zero money to show for it (dating all the way back to the days of the Doorman Blog, which started 11 years ago. Yowza). I've given a lot of it away for free, mostly because I've been too scared to ask for anything. I guess the "no pay, but copy and meals provided" mentality of a struggling actor bled into my other artistic endeavors.

If you're interested in purchasing this work, or if you simply want to show support for my writing over the years, Venmo $10 (or a couple bucks more, if you feel so inclined) to @chrisrussellnyc with your email address in the comments. On February 2nd, you'll get an email with a PDF attached.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your readership and the ever-kind words of relatability and encouragement. I hope you have as many feels reading it as I did writing it.

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